Perla Lichi Design Launches MODEL HOME Division

October 20th, 2015 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

Coral Springs, FL – October 20, 2015 Perla Lichi,the well-known international interior designer with offices in Florida and Dubai and more than 30 years of design experience, is launching a new division “MODEL HOME Interiors by Perla Lichi.”

Ms. Lichi has restructured her company into four distinct divisions to better serve the diverse needs of today’s marketplace. The four Perla Lichi divisions are LUXURY HOME, HOME, MODEL HOMES, and HOSPITALITY.

“We have already designed model homes and spec homes at every price point for many builders and developers throughout South Florida, along the Florida Gold Coast and as far away as New Jersey, Atlanta and Las Vegas. We gradually expanded and became known in South Florida and internationally for our spectacular extremely large-scale, highly detailed high-end residential luxury homes,” Perla Lichi explains.

“While we never stopped designing award-winning models, we recently realized that with all the publicity we have garnered for our estate projects, the builders and developers needed to be once again reminded of Perla Lichi’s many years of experience in designing models that sell.

“We also want to let this audience know that we can enhance their experience by taking advantage of our full interior design services. We are cost effective. We own custom manufacturing plants where we produce what we design and ship to our local areas in containers for custom installation by our team.”

Maya S. Chocron, MSC Marketing, Pompano Beach, is spearheading initial brand development and marketing for the new Perla Lichi Division launch. Promotional materials featuring a new logo and the “Model Home Interior Design by Perla Lichi” website ( will tell the Perla Lichi Model Home story.


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