Why Us

We Design, Manufacture, Merchandise, Stage, and Install … Most companies that may compare to the scope of our business simply do not have our manpower, manufacturing resources, background and longevity in this industry. We have been servicing the building community for over 30 year. We withstood the market decline and never needed to re-build, re-brand or re-launch. In fact, we are bigger, better than ever, and have refined our services so well that our process runs smoothly and seamlessly. We own custom manufacturing plants where we produce what we design and ship to our local areas in containers for custom installation by our team – we know cost! Our pricing, when compared to the local or European market, is not just affordable, it’s unbelievably reachable for prospective home buyers.

We are Marketers and Trendsetters. We have published five books and have been awarded over 650 national, international and local design awards. Our extensive advertising and marketing have familiarized the market with the Perla Lichi brand. Selecting Model Home Interiors by Perla Lichi immediatelyadds the cache of a well-known “designer name” to your project!

Our team of creative and experienced designers are standing by! Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling call us at 954.726.0899 or click here so that we can contact you!